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When being in a chaotic state karma number higher than zero with a PK count of 5 or more, players have a high probability of dropping items after being killed.”

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Некоторые фришки начали открывать сервера на хрониках Classic, например такой сервер как melcosoft, возможно в будущем будут и другие открывать сервера l2 на хрониках Classic. Lineage 2 Download PC Release date s: lineage 2 interlude offline скачатьPlayers can choose from either fighter or mystic professions at the start, except for Dwarves and Kamael which are only able to select the fighter profession; this choice acts as an archetype for later profession options. All the races start at the temple of their race Example: This subclass starts at level lineage 2 играть в онлайн
Each chronicle also adds a great deal of new content to the game, including new skills, quests, areas and items; some chronicles also increased the level cap. Players are afforded up to 7 characters per account. Each race has its own set of classes, even if humans, elves and dark elves have a lot of classes that are very similar to their counterparts in the other two races. There can only be one Hero per class for a maximum of 36 Heroes at any time. Your email address will not be published. When being in a chaotic state karma number higher than zero with a PK count of 5 or more, players have a high probability of dropping items after being killed. Чужой компьютер Войти на сайт. Development Hyeong-Jin Kim, the Production team head for Lineage II, came up with basic concept for the game in early , and development began in October to November of the same year. In addition, a player may not choose a class that matches their main class a Dark Avenger may not become a Paladin, likewise a Treasure Hunter may not become a Plains Walker. Each race and subsequent class has a set amount of Stat Points already assigned to their class. To make sure PvP stays under control, the design includes a Karma system that provides negative consequences for killing other players when they are not fighting back. Перед началом установки рекомендуется завершить работу фоновых программ, в том числе антивирусов! lineage 2 c4 скачать Lineage 2 Download free Full Version. И так у нас вы сможете скачать клиент Lineage 2 - Classic с помощью торрента. The game provides many social, political, and economic aspects which are developed through the community and by the actions, in-game, of single players. Информация Посетители, находящиеся в группе Гости , не могут оставлять комментарии к данной публикации. There are currently two sagas:

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